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Tis the Season: 3 Tips for Holiday Hiring

September 29, 2023

Tis’ the season for holiday scrambling and the holiday hiring rush.

To stay on top of hiring objectives this year organizations should remain steadfast on executing hiring initiatives.

If you’re late to the game and haven’t started already, here are three classic tips and tricks to succeed in holiday hiring for the remainder of 2021:

Leverage your employees' network

Reaching candidates can be difficult during the holidays. To ramp up sourcing efforts and candidate identification, employers should turn to their employees as an additional resource for talent acquisition.

Leveraging your employees’ network is an easy and effective way to expand your reach with prospective candidates. You can amplify and multiply your efforts by prioritizing employee advocacy to promote your hiring initiatives. Whether it’s social media exposure or in-person networking, your employees are an excellent conduit to spreading the word about your company and building relationships with new professionals.

Here are some ways to leverage your employee’s network:

  • Create content for your employees to share on their social platforms
  • Develop an employee referral program with incentives
  • Use company email signatures to promote hiring initiatives

Use hiring best practices

The holiday season itself is especially overwhelming with planned vacations, national holidays and a renewed sense of job searching among job seekers as the new year approaches. It’s crunch time for hiring managers when it comes to effectively hiring and onboarding new employees.

With all these factors, it’s important that your hiring team implement best practices to attract applications and avoid candidate churn.

Although business may appear to be slowing down, don’t stop your marketing efforts toward talent acquisition. Advertise your openings and use this time to creatively embrace the season. Craft messaging around the holiday spirit to be current with the times. You can also consider creating holiday referral incentive programs to support recruitment.

Your hiring operations should also remain A-1 during this time. Ensure your interview process is agile. Know your requirements when it comes to candidate selection and move fast to extend offers and onboard.

Plan for next year’s hiring needs

While the holiday season can be busy, business often slows down as budgets come to a close and companies focus on year-end activities.

Take advantage of the season and its increased bandwidth by solidifying initiatives for the upcoming year. Now is the time to identify current hiring needs and plan a strategy.

To get a clue on where you should start, it’s always best practice to note current business challenges your organization faces. Ask yourself discovery questions. Does my team need additional support? Is there a current skills gap? How can I make things more efficient with talent development?

Consider new positions that need to be created and develop job descriptions that provide details about the role. You can also brainstorm what skills you need to achieve next year’s goals as a launchpad for ideas.

From there, take the time to formulate a comprehensive strategy to help you reach your goals. Come up tactics that will drive business outcomes and leverage tools that will make your internal processes easier.

We also strongly recommend that you consult with a staffing partner to navigate you through this seasonal planning. Interested in building solutions for your holiday hiring needs? Contact us today!

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