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Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

September 29, 2023

Be specific and original

Use a different cover letter for each position you apply for instead of the same template. Tailor your cover letter to pertinent aspects of the job that play up your unique skills and expertise.

When writing your cover letter, consider what the position is precisely looking for and be sure to emphasize these points. Just like your resume, your cover letter should be hyper-targeted for the role you desire.

Emphasize your soft skills

While hard skills are paramount to the information technology world, soft skills are often just as crucial to today’s employers. Now more than ever, companies need cybersecurity professionals who have verifiable people skills as security remains a top concern in the back office and the board room.

Communication and analytical skills are high in demand for cybersecurity roles. Whether entry or senior-level, candidates should be able to discuss and explain complex topics in an easily understandable way to internal stakeholders.

Leadership ability also ranks high on a hiring manager’s list. If you’ve led a team or project, be sure to note this. Organizations desire workers who take charge, not just execute.

Be confident and clear

A cover letter isn’t the time to be shy or casual about your interest in a role. Employers should feel confident by reading your cover letter that you’re the right person for the job. Your tone and content must exemplify that you’re not just ready for the job but can accomplish whatever the role entails.

To express your confidence, be explicit about your excitement for the role. Drive center what your organizational impact has been during prior positions with statistical proof points and past achievements. Lastly, ensure that your cover letter is concise, one page long and free of grammatical errors.

Hiring managers have a ton of applications to sort through. Keeping your cover letter short, memorable and coherent will not only make an excellent first impression but also increase the likelihood that your application makes it to the “yes” stack instead of “no.”

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