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Tips for Using the STAR Method on a Cybersecurity Resume

September 29, 2023

Identify 2-3 key skills to highlight

Creating a resume using the STAR method requires exemplifying behaviors that your employer desires. You can identify these by examining the job description and upstaging your matching, verifiable skills.

If an employer is looking for a professional to manage a security team, play up your leadership abilities. If there’s a need for a worker that knows how to formulate and develop security protocols, lead with your process improvement skills.

Your skill selection to highlight will only be impactful if it aligns with the scope of the role in question. Picking skills that are not in-demand will only help convince a hiring manager that you’re not the right pick of the litter.

Outline a response to the desired skill

Create a verbal answer to showcase your experience for the coveted skill using the STAR method. For example, if a job description calls for a good communicator and collaborator, a STAR method answer may look like this:

Situation - “When I worked as an Info Security Director, I led the organizational goal of developing and implementing internal policies and procedures that help thwart unauthorized access, modification and destruction of data.”

Task - “After working in this position for a year, I noticed there was no enterprise education on the importance and best practices of cybersecurity.”  

Action - “As a result, I created a company-wide security test with a fake phishing email to routinely evaluate the current security posture. I also developed info security training modules with the leadership and development team for the new employee onboarding process and quarterly refresher courses to retain best practices.”

Result - “After developing an Infosecurity-driven internal culture with routine education and tech updates, our cyberattacks declined by 29%.”

Condense your response to bullet points

Using bullet points, outline the components of the STAR response with a sentence or phrase for each point.

Here’s an example of how you can take the above verbal response highlighting collaboration and communication skills and transform it into a work experience on your resume using the same STAR Method:

Info Security Director

  • Worked with stakeholders to develop cybersecurity procedures and policies to protect private data against unauthorized access, modification and destruction. (Situation)
  • Created infosecurity training modules and tests with the learning and development team to educate employees on cybersecurity best practices. (Task)
  • Built relationships with field senior leaders to encourage enterprise-level adoption. (Action)
  • Reduced risk of attacks by 29% with automatic tech stack updates and continual employee mentorship. (Results)

Incorporating the STAR method in your resume will help a hiring manager quickly scope your skills and qualifications by showing your value with specific details that tell an interesting story of who you are.

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