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The Antidote to Candidate Ghosting? Be an Employer of Choice.

September 29, 2023

After scanning hundreds of resumes and conducting multiple rounds of interviews, you’ve finally discovered the perfect candidate to fill an open position.

The job offer is extended. But after so many days, there’s no response. Once just synonymous with ending contact without explanation in the dating world, candidate ghosting is on the rise.

In 2020, Indeed reported that 28% of job seekers admitted to ghosting an employer, a 10% increase from 2019. And 76% of employers state that they have been ghosted in the same time frame.

Ghosting can be frustrating in a tight labor market, especially when initiatives and projects are at stake. Luckily, employers can avoid candidate drop-off by being an organization where employees are excited to work.

Here’s how you can stand out as an employer of choice:

  1. Extend competitive offers

In today’s competitive landscape, jobs are readily available. The best candidates have multiple offers, and that means increased competition for employers.

While you’re banking on one top-notch prospect who meets all your criteria and more, a recruiter from another organization is reaching out to them too. Job seekers today have choices, and they’re empowered to find the role that fits them best.

Nearly 20% of candidates that report ghosting an employer indicate they received another job offer, according to Indeed.

To remain competitive, your offer needs to be enticing. At a minimum, compensation should be set at the market rate. Leverage a staffing partner to conduct market research to determine the salary trends for companies in similar verticals to you.

Employers should also consider widely standard benefits and perks like medical insurance, vision and dental coverage, life insurance, retirement planning support, paid time off, paid holidays and more.

  1. Have an agile, efficient interview and hiring process

Not too long ago, there was a shift across the talent landscape where companies started making the interview process more stringent. This led to multiple rounds of interviews, assessments and side assignments becoming commonplace for employers looking for highly-qualified talent.

While this shift became an efficient way to filter out candidates, the interview process became more cumbersome for job seekers. Requiring projects that take 8+ hours to complete on a 24-hour turnaround and several interview rounds is taxing for anyone. It’s even more draining for those that are currently employed.

In today’s competitive job landscape, the interview process should be as agile and efficient as possible. To avoid candidate drop-off, ensure you’re only assessing skills you need. If the candidate already has extensive, verifiable experience with a portfolio, it might be redundant to conduct an assessment.

Be sure also to identify key stakeholders who need to meet and vet candidates early on. It’s also in your best interest to conduct interviews efficiently, whether a panel-style or single-day hiring event.

Additionally, be decisive in your decision-making and move quickly to onboarding. Don’t prolong hiring with additional interviews. Time is of the essence. If a candidate checks the boxes for your requirements, send them an offer ASAP. Once it’s signed, get them included in new-hire processes quickly, so they start feeling like part of the team right away.

  1. Make a good impression

The age-old adage remains true. First impressions matter, employers included.

The employee experience starts at the first contact with a candidate. Your interactions from this point forward help shape a candidate’s perception of your employer brand.

How you treat and interact with them will be a huge deciding factor in gauging whether your company is the right fit for their career goals and personal needs. As such, hiring managers should be a walking billboard for company values.

To make a good impression, remain professional at all times. Kindness still goes a long way. Nonetheless, be transparent, attentive and responsive with candidates during the entire interview and hiring process.

Also, have a strategy to illustrate your employer brand. Brand reputation is paramount in this peer-reviewed, digital world. Job seekers know where they want to work. Make sure your online brand illustrates that effectively.

The Takeaway

Ghosting isn’t going anywhere soon. With that fact, employers should aim to be an employer of choice at all costs. Foster candidate engagement by remaining enticing, efficient and professional during your interview and hiring process.

Doing so will always put your organization in the best of light — at the front of the race.

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