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3 Must-Have 2022 Resolutions for Leaders

September 20, 2023

COVID-19 not only made health and safety a top concern but it also redefined the way companies conducted business. In response, some organizations closed their doors for the very last time, and some gave way to new opportunities. And others struggled to stay afloat.

With any challenge, there are lessons to be learned. Going into the New Year, organizations and leaders must reflect on the previous year as they prepare to drive future success.

Here are 3 must-have New Year’s resolutions leaders should prioritize for the year to come:

Foster team camaraderie

If the pandemic taught us anything in 2021, leaders definitely learned the importance of community within a team or company. COVID-19 brought the onslaught of virtual happy hours, new communication tools and web conferences to the forefront of business. Leaders realized camaraderie and consistent communication were paramount in the new, physically-distant workplace.

For 2022, it’s still important that leaders continue to prioritize team building as social distancing remains a health concern. When teams feel connected, business continuity remains constant alongside productivity. If your company has made the permanent change to remote work life, it’s even more critical to maintain a sense of collectivism to ensure your employees feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

If you haven’t already, unify your company or team with a mission or vision. Encourage collaboration by forming cross-functional teams. Also, make a point to emphasize team bonding. Whether it’s a continuation of happy hours, virtual online break sessions or planning team events, bringing your team together will only foster deeper employee relationships.

Prioritize innovation

Innovation drives business success. The pandemic undeniably turned work-life upside-down as businesses had to adapt to a new normal quickly. As a result, multiple innovations occurred to solve nuanced issues related to the work transition.

Learning from the previous year, businesses should ensure innovation is executed rather than occurring as a reaction to a set of circumstances. Placing innovation as an ongoing goal will help your organization identify current problems that need solutions and those that need solving before they happen.

A proactive approach toward innovation will only equip your business for the future and give you a competitive edge to penetrate markets faster than your competitors.

Remember, an eye toward the future is an eye toward future success.

Put employees first

Gone are the years where companies solely operated in the interest of the business or profit. Today, the best companies understand that they are only as good as their employees.

In 2022, organizations must value their workforce to ensure employees provide value to their business. Happy employees foster better productivity and also happy customers. Companies that don’t prioritize their employees often experience turnover, decreased morale and poor customer satisfaction.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to adopt an employee-first approach. Not sure what this means? The meaning behind this term is simple: employees come first. This approach will boost engagement, retention, productivity and innovation. In fact, a Deloitte study reports that companies who manage their employee culture yield better profits up to 516% higher.

Here are some ways to start building an employee-first culture today:

  • Ask for feedback
  • Recognize employees
  • Prioritize mental health
  • Humanize work
  • Lead with empathy
  • Let employees be themselves
  • Practice transparency
  • Encourage work-life balance

No new year comes without new challenges. Yet, having a company with happy employees, a sense of community and a penchant for innovation will equip you for any obstacle you encounter this year. Take note of these goals to help drive long-term business success.

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