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The New Year is the Best Time to Find a New Job

September 20, 2023
ASK Consulting

Happy New Year! There’s a new page on the calendar, 365 blank days stretched before us, and a renewed sense of optimism for what is yet to come. You’re writing down your new year’s resolutions (always write them down!) and setting your intentions. You underline “find a new job” at the top of your list.

What is your motivation for finding a new job? Were you laid off last year? Are you bored or burnt out in your current career? Are you looking for a role with greater upward mobility? Do you simply want to make more money? All of these are valid reasons to start your job search, and the beginning of the new year is the best time to start looking. It can be a very daunting task, so the experts at ASK Consulting have broken it down for you. Below are our thoughts on finding a new job in the new year.

Four ways to start your job search

There are four things you should do before you begin to start applying for jobs. We’ve listed them in order of importance.

  1. Update your resume. Start with your most recent employment experience and work backward. What types of roles are you looking for? Make sure you reframe your previous responsibilities to align with the roles you want.
  2. Get on LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to create one. LinkedIn makes it very simple and intuitive to set up an account. Be sure to have a professional-looking headshot ready. Profiles without headshots look like spam accounts and those that have selfies from an unprofessional setting look, well, unprofessional. Click “Open to work” if you want to make your job search public. Once you have a profile, start connecting with former coworkers and friends to build your LinkedIn network. Write the occasional post, even if it's simply sharing an article you like because it will help to get people to notice your profile. If you already have a profile, start adding people who have jobs similar to the ones you want. Watch their updates for a peek into the industry. If you’re an established professional with a lot of connections, start reaching out to them to ask about opportunities they may know about.
  3. Find a recruiter. We’ll talk more about this in detail but a recruiter will be your secret weapon for your job search.
  4. Network. Networking sounds intimidating but we promise it’s not! It’s as simple as telling your friends and acquaintances that you’re looking for a new job. You never know who will know someone who could end up being just the connection you need. If you’re the kind of outgoing person who loves in-person networking events, make sure you have a business card with your contact information for follow-ups.

What type of working environment are you looking for?

For our purposes, the types of work environments that will be discussed are remote, in-person, and hybrid environments.

Remote – working from home or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection

61% of remote employees say they want to continue to work remotely, even though their offices are now open. Remote work offers flexible opportunities not possible in a traditional office setting. Remote workers report having an improved work-life balance and some say they are more productive at home because they aren’t experiencing distractions like coworkers dropping by their desks unannounced, among others common in an office.

In-person – reporting to a physical location

The majority of workers in the U.S. (60%) can’t do their jobs from home. In addition, a lot of workers like the social aspect of coming into a workplace. They believe there are more networking and collaboration opportunities when you can speak with your coworkers face-to-face rather than through a screen.

Hybrid – a blend of remote and in-person work

Two years post-pandemic, more workplaces are encouraging or even requiring workers to report to the office. Many employees like the flexibility of working at home coupled with the social and networking aspects of going into an office.

Decide on the environment that works best for you, your goals, and your current lifestyle, and apply for those jobs first. If you aren’t having luck with remote work, for example, hybrid roles are the next best things.

Reach out to a recruiter

Think of a recruiter as the one constant in an ever-changing job market, especially in these post-pandemic days. They know the employment market inside and out so they know what employers are looking for. The best part – recruiters are free for job seekers! They will become your partner in your job search because finding a job for you benefits their career too.

Recruiters have large networks which means they have an inside scoop on jobs that haven’t been posted on job sites yet. Recruiters can also offer career advice right from the field as they know what skills clients are looking for and which skills may not be needed on your resume anymore.

A recruiter may have an opportunity that’s perfect for you outside of your current industry if you’re open to a bigger change. The benefit of working with this recruiter during a career pivot is that they’ll help you negotiate your compensation, they’ll give you advice on the industry itself, and they’ll work with you long-term if you’re looking to make career moves in the future. Your relationship doesn’t have to end once you find a job!

Trust the recruiting experts

ASK Consulting is a global recruiting firm servicing some of the world’s largest enterprises and corporations. They provide the most groundbreaking candidates in the IT, accounting, finance, legal and pharmaceutical sectors, ensuring our clients always have the strongest talent for their business. ASK will help you reach your career goals because it’s what they do best.

If you’re looking for a new job in 2023, check out our job board to see what roles we currently have open, or contact us to speak to a consultant directly.

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