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It’s OK to Have a Two-Page Tech Resume

September 29, 2023
Manish Karani

​For decades, experts have advocated for single-page resumes, no matter how vast your career has been. However, as the maestros at ARC Resumes will tell you, times and trends are changing. Thanks to the rise of tech consulting gigs and contract employment, short resumes don’t necessarily paint a picture of who a candidate is as a professional. Fortunately today, a two-page resume won’t necessarily turn off a tech hiring manager. As with any job opportunity, you need to find skills to put on your cv that will stand out from the rest of the crowd that are also looking to make a serious impression.

The Survey Changing Hearts and Minds

According to a recent survey by ResumeGo, hiring managers, recruiters, HR pros and executives preferred two pages resumes 2.3 times more than one-page documents. They simulated a hiring situation and of 7,712 resumes reviewed, over 5,300 two-page documents were chosen. The study also showed that hiring managers were actually willing to read the longer resumes in an effort to really understand the candidate they were evaluating. Many have also argued that it is important to choose a great font when writing your resume to get the very best results.

How to Make Your Resume Work for You

This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s ok to write a dissertation. To make a two-page resume work, you must still be streamlined and concise as possible. Follow these tips to create a stellar document:

  • Sort experience by relevance: Instead of working chronologically, list your experience from most relevant to least relevant. This ensures that the hiring manager will get a clear picture of your fitness for the job.
  • Include a relevant skills section on page one:
  • Most resume-screening software only scans page one of your resume, so list your most relevant skills – those that match the requirements of the job – on page one.
  • Use bullet points:
  • The longer your resume, the more important bulleted lists will be. Don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Sum up your experience in concise, crisp points.
  • Focus on achievements:
  • Instead of listing out your responsibilities for every single job or contract role, focus on quantifiable achievements. This will paint a clear picture of the value you bring to your employer.
  • Trim the fat:
  • It is not necessary to list outdated skills, platforms or programs that no one uses anymore, nor is it necessary to list your part-time job at Starbucks from 1999. Just because you can fill two pages doesn’t mean you have to.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your resume is readable, relevant and effective, no matter the length.

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