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How to Own Your Professional Brand in 2022

September 29, 2023

New Year resolutions have been drafted and new goals have been set. The stakes are high if you’re looking to up your professional brand in 2022, and they’re even higher for those in the new job market.

In this post-pandemic, candidate-driven talent landscape, it’s essential to stand out more than ever. Your professional brand should be unmatched to impress future employers and solicit new career opportunities.

We’ve put together the top four tips to up your professional branding game in 2022 that create opportunity — things you can do today to own your career.

All too often, we think of professional branding as just a general scope or insight into what we offer professionally to those who might be interested in our talents. However, in 2022, we must do a better job at illustrating a refined persona that shows who we are, our capabilities and what drives our career pursuits.

The need to stand out is paramount today. Your unique branding or messaging is the only way to clearly define your professional brand and help you maintain focus on your career desires.

The first step in creating your persona is identifying your skillset and blending that with your career ambitions. From there, describe how you do that uniquely or what gives you the competitive edge over others. Then, top it off by elaborating on the passions or motivators that drive you.

An example of a professional persona for a budding IT manager might be:

I am a technology expert with a decade of experience managing the IT infrastructures of budding B2B startups in fintech and banking. As a former financial analyst, I use my wealth of vertical insight to create thoughtful and impactful IT solutions for companies to help them efficiently and effectively reach their bottom lines. My passion for technology, emerging trends and people help me create strategies that help organizations stay on the bleeding edge of innovation and customer success.

Crafting a professional persona that you execute daily in your career has many benefits.  It provides clarity to focus on the goals that matter most to your career. A persona will also equip you for job interviews, networking opportunities and elevator pitches for those career-defining moments.

Your profession will constantly change. As new technology and global trends redefine our world, the same applies to the fields we work in. For any professional, it’s important not to stop evolving or growing your talents.

The New Year is a wonderful time to stay sharp with new skills or sharpen skills you already have. Consider researching new certifications, training opportunities or industry trends you need to know to stay on top of your craft.

When choosing a new skill or education opportunity, be sure to identify those that relate to your desired job function or field. Never embark on something that doesn’t benefit your career or profession. The last thing anyone wants is to waste precious time or resources on education that serves you no purpose.

To own opportunity in 2022, now is the time to become a subject matter expert. Stop taking a backseat to your career and become a guru within your field or industry.

There’s no better way to elevate your professional brand than sharing your expertise with those who desire to learn. You can start contributing your thought leadership by sharing your knowledge online.

Consider crafting informative articles and online videos. You can also share your opinion via social media to target audiences like your professional network on LinkedIn or Twitter communities and more.

If you want to push the needle further with your professional brand, participate in virtual and in-person speaking engagements within your field. You can find speaking engagements by pitching yourself to conferences, forums and local events.

The sage advice to attend a networking event to elevate your professional brand is antiquated. In 2022, job seekers can create opportunities by hosting a network event or group.

Networking can often become a one-time experience with no leads to further your career. Networking events usually end up like this: you attend an event, meet new people and connect on LinkedIn.

To maintain momentum for networking, create your own medium for networking that accomplishes your desired goals.

If you want to meet new professionals in your field or within a specific vertical, consider creating a Meetup group. You can always post on social media to express interest in creating a group and gauge other people’s interest in the idea.

Whatever you decide to do, spread the word, enlist others, provide purpose and collaborate.

The age-old adage remains true: “If you build it, they will come.”

2022 can be the year you finally own your professional brand. Rather than waiting for your career to take off, take charge of it.

Learn the skills you need today, become an expert in your field and build the professional community you want to be a part of. Your career will always be in your hands.

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