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How to Celebrate Women's History Month as an Employer

September 29, 2023

As your company gears up for the month ahead, here are four ways to celebrate the impact of women all month long in honor of Women’s History Month. And remember, these resources can be used all year around!

Host a panel discussion

One of the easiest ways to kick off Women’s History Month at your company is by hosting a panel discussion for employees. Many businesses use this opportunity to uplift the voice of women across their organization.

If you decide to host a panel event, be sure to include employees at all levels within the business to engage in dialogue. While it may seem like a good idea to have only women leaders as panelists, this may exclude the opinions of other employees in producer roles. Try to be inclusive as possible by being strategic in your choice of panelists to ensure you’re promoting diversity of thought.

You should also encourage intersectionality by incorporating women from different walks of life across various demographics, including race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age and more.

Once you’ve selected your panelists, choose a meaningful topic to discuss. Topics can include women issues, inspiring women leaders, professional advice and more. Your company can also align with the theme designated each year nationally. After picking what you want to discuss, invite everyone to attend and participate.

Spotlight women within your company

Make Women’s History Month even more real to employees by spotlighting extraordinary women at your company. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the movers and shakers driving real-time impact in your organization.

You can kick this process off by asking for recommendations from internal leaders. You can also consider having employees submit nominations.

When spotlighting an individual, it’s essential to maintain a theme for your selection. Do you want to highlight stories from the field? Do you want to showcase their role impact?

Whatever route you choose, you have lots of options. However, be sure to uplift your selection’s voice. Consider asking them to share a point of view or professional to make this an even more inclusive initiative.

Share women’s history facts or quotes

It wouldn't be right if we didn’t offer that you share historical facts during Women’s History Month. After all, the month is about celebrating the legacy of women and their impact on society.

As an employer, you can share random history facts with your employees. You can drive home this idea by also finding unique ways to tie history to your business. Consider sharing stories about women contributors, past and present, that have made a tremendous impact on your business.

Employers can also highlight influential women who have made a difference in their industry. Try sharing inspirational quotes from women who have made waves throughout history or within your business.

To share women's history facts or quotes within your organizations, you should identify platforms in which you can share this information. More than likely, your organization can leverage physical/digital signage within offices, social media, a newsletter and internal communications.

Partner with an organization that helps women

A big part of Women's History Month is continuing the effort of uplifting women. Organizations can make a huge difference this year by partnering with an organization focused on women.

To pick an organization, consider what causes are important to your business or what your employees are passionate about. From there, decide how you want to partner with an organization. Employers can then choose to donate funds, volunteer their time or even offer their services.


The purpose of Women’s History Month is to raise awareness of the contributions of women to society and encourage the future progress of women.

Celebrate Women's History Month this March and every day with these tips day to continue your journey to a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace.

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