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How to Capture a Employers Attention

September 29, 2023

While the new year is in high gear, the job search remains constant. With so many resolutions and new year to-do's activities going on, sometimes it’s hard for job seekers to stay on top of their job search.

If you’re interested in a role or have recently interviewed for a position, there are several authentic ways to connect with an employer outside of run-of-the-mill efforts.

Here are some tried-and-true ways to stand out to an employer during the job search:

LinkedIn is a perfect opportunity to engage with a potential employer. If you haven’t already, connect with your hiring manager online by sending a formal request.

If you can’t connect with a hiring manager, try leveraging your online connections that currently work or have worked at a company on LinkedIn.

When doing so, express your interest in working at your desired company. You can also ask for advice on what hiring managers look for in candidates. Often more than not, these warm connections can give you the information you need and put you in touch with the right people at a company during the job search.

But don’t just stop there. Genuinely engage with an employer and hiring manager’s content online. Whether it’s a post, industry article or company update, find a way to drive meaningful conversation.

It’s important to note that your behavior online should not appear forced. The last thing an employer or hiring manager wants is to be bombarded with a slew of notification requests in response to your interactions made in a single night.

To avoid coming across too strong, find golden opportunities to build an authentic dialogue that highlights your unique qualities as a potential candidate.

There’s nothing more attention-grabbing in the hiring process than a personalized note. While writing a message can sound like an easy task, it takes a real strategy to be effective.

There are essentially only two acceptable scenarios to write a personal message to an employer—before and after an interview. Any other times outside these instances will come across as either odd or aggressive.

As so, your note should always be addressed to the right person. If you seek a specific role, it’s in your best interest to send a note to the hiring manager for the role you desire. It’s also important to ensure you’ve already applied to a position or interviewed before writing a personal note. Context outside a note is everything as it sets the basis and purpose for a conversation.

When sending a message to a hiring manager, always have an intent in mind.

Do you need to remind an employer about your qualities as a candidate? Is there something you need to showcase to a hiring manager? Do you want to remind someone about your interests? Do you want to build rapport?

Figuring out your motives for a note will help drive the content of your message. While your note’s content may vary depending on your intent, you should always find an opportunity to personalize its contents.

Job seekers should also prioritize personalization. Try building conversation on a shared interest or professional update. You can also recall something you’ve learned about a hiring manager during the interview or something in connection to their activity on LinkedIn.

Pursuing any of these avenues will ensure that a note is warm, genuine and well-received.  

Final thoughts

Catching an employer’s attention doesn’t have to be awkward or complicated. Whether it’s connecting on LinkedIn or sending a personal note, you can find creative ways to stay top of mind. Just remember to be authentic and strategic in your approach to prominently stand out to an employer.

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