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EmpowHER: How Women Can Celebrate Diversity on Their Resumes

September 29, 2023

Resumes often are boring with many lines of black and white text riddled with bullets. It’s super easy for a job seeker to get lost in a sea of resumes on a recruiter’s desk.

However, a resume can effectively stand out from others if done right. In fact, a resume can be a compelling body of work, selling a narrative hiring managers can’t put down.

In light of Women’s History Month, we’ve decided to provide explicit advice for women professionals in DE&I.

Here are 3 sure-fire ways women job seekers can EmpowHer their resumes to celebrate diversity.

Share your values

Your resume doesn’t have to be all duty-focused or a review of your past experiences. It’s also a tool that can inform hiring managers about who you are and what drives you. Think of your resume as your story. What you include, is what people will infer about you.

Women jobseekers should feel empowered to share their values and how their beliefs inform their work lives. You can provide information like this in your executive summary, objective and by interweaving details in your experience sections.

For instance, if you value diversity, equity and inclusion, showcase your efforts toward these goals. Do you participate in groups focused on women's empowerment? List them on your resume. Have you been part of a women's club at work? Provide bullets about your participation and work in an employee resource group.

Detail your proudest moments

Your resume is not the time to shy away from your accomplishments. Big or small, all achievements are worthy to be shared with a future employer.

To celebrate diversity as a woman on your resume, it’s important to consider the things you’ve done to break the bias and glass ceiling for women.

Did you study a skill, predominantly underrepresented by women? Did you earn a leadership role disproportionately occupied by male peers? Did you lead a project that affected women in your organization? Have you created change for women at a previous employer?

These are questions you should ask yourself to identify and list ways you’ve boldly celebrated diversity as a woman in the workplace.

Play up your skills

Your skillset is an easy way to show that you value diversity on a resume. Here’s how to demonstrate your savviness for DEI with your key competencies:


Consider speaking about your experience working with a diverse team. For example:

  • “Led a team of 15 men and 6 women from 5 different countries, 2 business units and 8 nationalities.”
  • “Worked with field leaders across 5 different market regions, including Latin America, North America, Europe and Australia.”


Consider discussing your work in providing solutions to DEI issues

  • “Created an internal employee resource group for working moms to bring awareness of work-life balance struggles for parents to c-suite executives, resulting in the development of child-care voucher program”
  • “Founded DEI committee to spearhead company-wide initiatives, achieving a 20% decrease in turnover and 40% increase in employee morale”
  • “Developed AI for company chatbot to address Spanish-speaking women customers in company tone and voice, increasing customer acquisition by 45% YOY”

Verbal and written communication

Consider showcasing your communication skills with DEI focused attributes like:

  • “Presented quarterly business reviews in French, Spanish and Portuguese to business partners in respective countries”
  • “Collaborated with internal communications to develop DEI friendly stylebook for company publications”
  • Crafted company quarterly newsletters in Spanish and Portuguese for delivery for our South America business unit.

In all, there are thousands of ways to weave your affinity for diversity on your resume. Consider these above examples and tips when crafting your next empowered resume.

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