Do you have a specific business strategy and long-term goals? Does your business have a five-year plan? If so, you need direct hire candidates.

There are many benefits to hiring contractors to achieve short-term goals within your business, but if you are aiming for growth, ROI and brand awareness, you should be considering direct hire staffing.

What is direct hire?

Direct hire is hiring full-time, permanent employees. Companies that are used to hiring contractors may not see the benefits in hiring permanent staff, but they are essential if you are aiming to expand and elevate your organization.

How can direct hires help your organization?

  • You don’t know to worry about hiring or re-advertising for the same or similar position every year

  • Permanent employees are brand ambassadors and business advocates

  • Direct hires get to know the business inside-out, and understand the goals and strategy

  • Permanent employment benefits both the company and the candidate

  • Permanent workers are reliable and dedicated

If you are considering direct hires, or you would like to find out more about this type of staffing, ASK can help.

Our expert direct hire consultants are available to talk you through the entire process. When we work together, you can leave the advertising, searching, screening and hiring to us.

We won’t just find you the best candidates - we will be an extension of your business, long-term. Working with a staffing agency should be a genuine partnership, and that is where we thrive.

Get in touch to find out more about our direct hire staffing options.